My life. Our future.

I believe that politicians should be engaged and invested in their community and I am certainly that. I am an active volunteer. I still work as an accountant during tax time. My husband, Charlie has the usual pressures and joys of a business owner. And my son, CJ, is working his way through the new Bio-Med Engineering Program at the University of Waterloo, as well as being a nationally ranked springboard and platform diver.

In other words, I’m a lot like you. With one difference: I want to represent you on Waterloo’s City Council. I have the time. I have the experience. I have the energy. And I have the desire to make a difference.

Serving on city committees has given me considerable insight into how City Hall works. It’s also shown me that city staff and citizens – working together in a spirit of collaboration – can make better decisions.

I’ve seen, first hand, what great results can be achieved when we get residents, politicians and City Hall staff working hard and respectfully, together. I’ve done it in my professional life and my life as a volunteer. Now, it’s time for me to step up and continue that collaboration on City Council.

“Strive not only to be a success, but also to be of value” – Albert Einstein.