My responses to Hold the Line Waterloo:

Q1: Will you defend the countryside line against amendments and updates to the Official Plan that threaten to weaken its protections?
I absolutely defend the countryline and adhere to the”Hold the line” to the guidelines set up in 2003.

Q2: How will you work to protect prime agricultural areas, the Waterloo moraine, and drinking water?
In order to protect our moraine and agricultural areas, we need to have strong policies at City Hall. The protection of the countryline should be a part of our overall strategic plan and official plan for the city. This will give us the strongest position as a City to support this line in all our decision making. As an elected official, I will do my part to ensure that our guiding documents support the countryline.

Q3: As our population grows, how should Waterloo Region plan for new development?
I believe we as a region are already considering the implications of growth that provides for growing up instead of growing out, but we need a stronger vision of what we want the growth to look like. The vision should give consideration to growth that fits with the existing neighbourhoods of our city, and takes into consideration, what will work for that neighbourhood. The vision should consider safety, accessibility, and walk-ability.. Policies on parking, relaxed policies on maximum density, property tax reform are just a few policies that can help to guide this vision. As a City Councillor we need to build this vision.