Over the course of the last 20 years I have worked in the business sector as an accountant.  I have worked as a volunteer in the not-for-profit sector. I have served on numerous committees at the City of Waterloo.  All of this history and experience will serve me well at the council table.

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY- I am a retired chartered accountant and have a great deal of experience and expertise to bring to the table. I worked both for the accounting firm of Moore, McDermott and Partners, as well as running my own bookkeeping business.  I kept myself well educated in both the day to day accounting needed to run a business as well as the accounting and taxation end of things. As a member of the Citizen Budget Task Force I had an inside look into the budget process and the accounting for the city. I will bring this expertise with me to council.

LEADERSHIP – As a small business owner I ran a very successful bookkeeping business which thrives to this day. I started out with about 20 clients and grew to managing the books and records for over 50 clients.

.As the President of our Diving Club right here in Kitchener Waterloo, I have been a large contributor to its success. I have lead the club through a period of growth,that was not without its hardships, and it has grown under my leadership from a small club to one of the largest in Ontario.

COMMUNITY – I have volunteered for the last twenty years in some form or another in our community and for our City. From Milk Mom at Laurelwood School, to a coach and manager of minor baseball, from a judge in the diving sport, to the Volunteer Coordinator at Winterloo, I am always and will always be invested in the community. As a Councillor I want to ensure two things.  That I continue to volunteer to contribute to my city, and that through my work as a Councillor we as a city have  in place the framework to facilitate others to do the same.

MUNICIPAL INVOLVEMENT– I have served on many committees with the city, and bring a wealth of board experience to the table. I was the chair of the Recreation and Leisure Advisory Committee, leading a great group of volunteers and staff in making changes in the Recreational Department in the City. I have been the Chair of the Cash Grants Committee for years, and was an integral part of the Cash Grants Review. I was on the Citizen’s Budget Task Force, with the mandate to review the budget process within the city.All of this board experience will be paramount to my ability to be a good Councillor.

I have the knowledge.  I have the experience. I have the energy and the passion. Please vote in this important election. Please vote Janice Moore.