Over the course of the last 30 years I have worked in the business sector as an accountant.  I have worked as a volunteer in the not-for-profit sector. I have served on numerous committees at the City of Waterloo.  All of this history and experience will serve me well to represent our Ward and the City at the council table.


I am a retired chartered accountant and have a great deal of experience and expertise to bring to the table. I worked both for the accounting firm of Moore, McDermott and Partners, as well as running my own bookkeeping business.  I have kept myself well educated in both the day to day accounting needed to run a business as well as the accounting and taxation end of things. I will bring this expertise with me to council.


Volunteering for many organizations in some form or another in our community and for our City has been a privilege and a joy for me for years. From Milk Mom at Laurelwood School, to a coach and manager of minor baseball, from a judge in the diving sport, to the Volunteer Coordinator at Winterloo, volunteering has been a passion of mine. As a Councillor I want to ensure two things.  That I continue to volunteer to contribute to my city, and that as a city we have in place the framework to facilitate others to do the same.


Serving on committees at the city has helped me to understand the process at city hall  and given me a wealth of board experience. I served as the chair of the Recreation and Leisure Advisory Committee, working with a great group of volunteers and staff in making changes in the Recreational Department in the City. I have been the Chair of the Cash Grants Committee for years, and was an integral part of the Cash Grants Review. I am currently on the City of Waterloo Active Transportation Committee, helping to shape our city into an active city, accessible to all. All of this board experience will be paramount to my ability to be a good Councillor.

I have the knowledge.  I have the experience. I have the energy and the passion. Please vote in this important election. Please vote Janice Moore.